Texas Week In Nayarit, Mexico

Mark your calendars for June 10th – 17th. It’s time for Texas Week in beautiful Nayarit, Mexico. What is Texas Week? Well, basically it is seven days of Texas Music, Texas food, and Texas recreation at Club Marival in Nuevo Vallarta, just ten minutes up the coast from Puerto Vallarta.

The Greenhouse Sessions Is Now Available!

It’s here! “The Greenhouse Sessions” is officially in our hot little hands. Let me tell you what I like the most about this project. We took the time to make a 16 page booklet with all the lyrics and stories of how and when the songs were written. I remember the first time a sat and listened to a Jimmy Buffet double album back in the 1980s. I can’t remember which album it was but when I opened the cover it had a full two-page layout complete with pictures, lyrics, and little comments from Jimmy himself. I put the first record (yes, it was vinyl) on the turntable and sat down with the graphics. It was like going to a movie or almost like being at a Buffet concert in person. It was an experience. That, my friends, is what I tried to do with “The Greenhouse Sessions.” Too often in today’s high-tech world of internet and downloads we lose track of the artist who created the music and in some cases the song itself. Music is a wonderful thing, but just like the artist, each song is unique and has a background, a story. You can ask any songwriter and he or she will tell you that a song is their baby, their child that they have created and nurtured until it was mature enough to be introduced to the world. These songs are my family. They were raised in a greenhouse, but they’re still a part of me. I hope you’ll buy the actual CD, find a cozy place, and sit down and read while you listen. If so, welcome to “My World.”